Go Kaisho Got Owned!

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Here is a picture showing the google results for “go kaisho postponed”. The results were astounding! My blog is above their official statement! In your face go kaisho! HAHA


Go Kaisho Postponed Not Cancelled?

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The organizers of Go Kaisho has released a statement regarding what happened a few hours ago. They are saying the event is not cancelled but postponed. But why would you postpone the event the day before the event? They should’ve seen these kind of shortcoming. Here is the official statement of the organizers.

Go Kaisho Is A No Go?

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Recently my friends and I learned that Go Kaisho(a cosplaying event) was cancelled. There was a statement saying the organizers failed to pay the management of PTTC(Philippine Trade Training Center) for the venue’s rent fee. But there’s no official statement yet. But if so, what the hell is this?! The event is tomorrow and the venue was not yet paid?! That is a very irresponsible move of them!

Now many Go Kaisho goers are angry and frustrated because of this sudden cancellation of the said event. Ampepe naman oh. Now, my friends and I have decided to go to MOA(Mall of Asia) na lang, with our costumes on! Yeah! I bet we will also see fellow discontented cosplayers there.

And by the way, they already torn down their website. They don’t want to be embarassed anymore. This is BIG lawsuit if the event does not push through tomorrow. But hopefully a miracle will happen. Just stay positive. I recommend to wear casual clothes na lang and visit PTTC to confirm this and settle the issue once and for all. And if it is really cancelled, then go to MOA and dress up as your character para masaya!

Let’s pray to bro for a miracle!