The Cybercrime Law: Digital Martial Law?

Thoughts for thought

One of the hottest topics right now is the Cybercrime Law. I need not to further elaborate on the topic because almost all netizens are aware of the issue. Pero we need a deeper knowledge on this Law. That is why I took the time and read the Republic Act Number 10175, or better known as Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. Ito ang mga naintindihan ko:

1. You can go to jail sa pangigielam ng computer o cellphone ng iba (Chapter 2 Sec. 4(a)(1))

2. Hacking is bad(we all know that). (Ch 2 Sec 4(a)(2), Ch 2 Sec 4(a)(3), Ch 2 Sec 4(a)(4))

3. Usage of pirated stuffs is covered by this Law (Chapter 2 paragraphs 5(i)(aa))

4. Mga spammers sa e-mail and text(yung mga text na galing sa unknown number advertising loans, houses, etc) is now a crime (Ch 2 Sec 4(c)(3))

5. Online libel – kahit anong tipo ng panlalait sa iba, di mo na pwedeng gawin, maging pagtuligsa sa mga public officials. Kahit sa anong Social networking sites, maging sa sarili mong blog, hindi mo na puwedeng gawin ang mga ito (Ch 2 Sec 4(c)(4)).

Based on the Official Gazette,

“Libel. — The unlawful or prohibited acts of libel as defined in Article 355 of the Revised Penal Code, as amended, committed through a computer system or any other similar means which may be devised in the future.” (Source:

Art. 355. Libel means by writings or similar means. — A libel committed by means of writing, printing, lithography, engraving, radio, phonograph, painting, theatrical exhibition, cinematographic exhibition, or any similar means, shall be punished by prision correccional in its minimum and medium periods or a fine ranging from 200 to 6,000 pesos, or both, in addition to the civil action which may be brought by the offended party. (Source:

Ang penalty ng online libel is prision mayor (6 years and 1 day to 12 years). Mas mabigat pa kaysa regular libel.

6. Kapag sumang-ayon ka (sharing, liking, retweeting) sa kung anumang hindi magandang ipinararating ng isang tao to a natural or juridical person, lagot ka pa rin (Ch 2 Sec 5(a))

What made the online libel even more scary is the insertion of Section 19. “SEC. 19. Restricting or Blocking Access to Computer Data. — When a computer data is prima facie found to be in violation of the provisions of this Act, the DOJ shall issue an order to restrict or block access to such computer data.” (Source: What does prima facie means? In layman’s terms, any activity that violates the said law(with sufficient and outright evidence) can be used to prosecute an ordinary citizen. So kung tanga ka at kung anu-ano ang pinagpopost mo tugkol sa mayor nyo na tipong madami syang babae,e goodluck na lang sayo. Furthermore, the DOJ has the right to take down your website if they find the site to be in violation of the said law. So, they can block access to your website just for saying “the government sucks”.

Pero kinilabutan ako(literally) nang makita ko na maglalaan ang ating gobyerno ng Fifty Million Pesos (p50,000,000) upang mapatupad lamang ang batas na ito. Fifty million pesos! Fifty million pesos! (Sec 27)

I did not include everything there is to tell sa RA 10175. I only enumerated those that occur very frequent when we are using the internet.

Is it really Martial Law all over again, but this time, digitally? I certainly hope not.


Who is Macario Sakay?

Thoughts for thought

I am currently cleaning my PC before reformatting it and I found this reaction paper of mine regarding the local film called “Sakay”. Here is the content:

Sakay: The Vilified Hero

            Macario Sakay was a very brave and tenacious man of his time. Even if he was imprisoned he still dared oppose the colonial rule of America over the Philippines. This is what the movie “Sakay” was about. The story revolves around Macario Sakay, a man from Tondo that joined the Philippine Revolution and fought against the Spaniards. But after the Spaniards were driven off, another colonial rule was yet to come. And under the U.S. colonial rule, he was imprisoned, but was later on pardoned. In the movie, when he is a free man already. He is having second thoughts whether to continue the fight for freedom or to live a peaceful life. It might have been a very difficult decision to make considering the experience he went through when he was in jail. He neither wants to go back to prison nor to die. But the ideals of his deceased father in a form of a ghostly image guided him to continue the fight. The movement Sakay was forming was being funded by the principalias, they too want to drive the Americans away. But in the end, they too would betray Sakay and his men, the way the Americans tricked Sakay by lies and deception just to capture him.

The Americans were just as cruel as the Spaniards; they would execute those rebelling against them and get a hold of properties owned by suspected collaborators with those, whom they call “bandits”. Bandit is what Sakay is to their eyes; doing no good, opposing the government and everything they can throw at them. For them, he is a nuisance to their ruling and later on will become their biggest headache. But the Spaniards were not as clever as the Americans; divide et conquera, a strategy that would make the Philippines fall into their hands swiftly. This was carried on by establishing the Philippine Constabulary, a military force consisting of native Filipinos. Filipinos who have betrayed their country itself, fighting fellow Filipinos, underlings of Uncle Sam. They have forgotten what they were fighting for before, blinded by all things luxurious brought by America. They have accepted what was presented at their front, losing the ideals of a free state and going on the American way.

Sakay founded his own government, the Tagalog Republic. His government had a flag, a system of taxation, a disciplined army. His government operated in total defiance of the US authorities. This made the US take on Sakay seriously. But in the crossfire, the innocent were being slaughtered, burned houses, and lives taken as if they were being a shield for Sakay. Another thing was, by establishing his own government, he had ignored other Filipinos outside of his government. But I understand that without a firm leadership, such rebellion would not be possible, thus, his idea of continuing the fight for freedom would just be a dream and nothing else.

Sakay was defined by the Americans as a bandit. They see him that way. First and foremost, real bandits, guerillas and robbers that were stealing crops and domestic animals, raiding houses, killing people,  when caught, identify themselves as Sakay’s men, which is not true. Of course this would give Sakay a bad image not only to the Filipinos but to the Americans as well. Another thing, Sakay’s men do raid and kill Americans in order to get arms and ammunitions, a very vital component if you are going to war of course. But that is what the Americans think of him and I look in the opposite direction. He did what he had to do; to protect this country’s freedom. It is not a crime to either defend your country against foreign invaders or conform to their ruling.

Alas, betrayal works its wonders; a fellow Filipino traded another man’s freedom for his own personal gains. Dr. Dominador Gomez, one of the supposedly benefactor of Sakay, betrayed him and his men. He was about to go to prison because of his collaboration with the Spaniards; charging him with sedition because he served as a surgeon in the Spanish Army in Cuba. Sakay’s surrender was his bargain for freedom. So after Sakay and de Vega was hanged. His case was opened and then dismissed for “insufficient evidence”. He said that the governor-general promises to create a national assembly of Filipinos elected by the people where the leaders can be trained to eventual self-government. But there was a catch, Sakay and his men must surrender peacefully and they will be given amnesty. Amnesty was not given but instead death was already lurking when they trekked down to Cavite.

We will learn a lot from this film. There are many social issues in the film that as of now still exist in our society; an illness that has its history that goes way-way back. Even though we are not under the American rule anymore, manifestations of their colonial rule still prevail and thrive within our society. A new form of colonialism is taking place. But I realized something very important. Colonialism gave birth to nationalism. We did not long for our country’s right when we’re not yet ruled by other countries. Indeed colonialism gave way to fighting for a common goal, freedom.

Sana Nga by Jon Derek Benito

Thoughts for thought

Nagising ako dahil sa tawag ng aking sekretaryang is HONEY. Ang pakiramdam ko ay parang labing-limang taong gulang lamang ako kahapon. Ang sabi ni Honey sa telepono ay tumawag ang Best Asset, isang malaking financing company at ang may-ari ay si BA. Ang sabi nila ay handa na ang lahat para ideposit ang 5 milyong piso sa aking account. Bago ako pumunta sa kompanya ko, ang Moonlight Industries, kompanyang gumagawa ng iba’t-ibang klase ng ilaw upang magbigay ng liwanag sa mga tao, ito ay isa sa mga leading company sa bansa, ay namili muna ako ng mga gamit sa Big Mall, pinakamalaking mall dito sa Pilipinas, si BM ang may-ari nito. Nang pagbalik ko sa sa kotse kong Jaguar, sumakit ang ulo ko dahit sa init. Kaya napagpasyahan kong bumili sa Mercury Drug store ni AIYEN. Naisipan kong magpahinga muna at marelaks. Kaya pumunta ako sa “Laugh All You Can” sa Malate. Magkasosyo si RYAN at JOHN DAVE sa pagpapatakbo ng comedy bar na ito, sila rin ang main attraction sa bar nila, funny kasi. Sa king sasakyan ay napanood ko ang commercial ng palabas na “Magpakaninman” na pinangungunahan nina DIANNE, CHARLENE, at MONIQUE. Isang teleserye ng paghihirap at pagbangon ng magkakapatid, “directed by Ms. ANGELICA SALES”, sabi ng narrator. Tapos sa balita naman, ang news anchor na si EMMA ay nagbabalita ng isports at sabi niya ay nag-uwi na naman ng karangalan para sa Pilipinas si CJ, champion sa Int’l Cup ng Badminton at si JENNY sa larangan naman ng paglangoy. Sa showbiz naman ay mayroong nationwide tour ang sikat ng bandang Hobbledehoy. Kasali sa bandang ito sina SAN-SAN, JAY, RICHIE, ALLAN at isang anak ng pastor.

Sa daan ay nakita ko ang malaking billboard ad na may maskuladong lalaki na nag-eendorse ng underwear, si JELO pala yon! Sa sumunod na billboard ay nakita ko sila CAMILLE, JUVY, ANYA, AT RENZ! May world tour ang kanilang ministry, naglalayong ibahagi ang mabubuting salita ng Diyos. Ako ay nabigla! Sa sumunod ulit na billboard ay iba naman; isang animated movie ang nakadisplay. “created by JILL VILLAME” and “FLOELYN DAGLE”, ang nakalagay sa billboard. Sila ang mga talented kong kaklase ng highschool na ngayon ay nasa Hollywood. Nagpagupit muna ako sa parlor ni EDMAR, ang “Edmar and Friends Salon”. Pagdating ko sa kompanya ay may binigay na mga sulat si Honey sa akin galing daw sa mga bansang Amerika, France at London. Nang pagbukas ko sa mga sulat, galing pala ang mga ito sa mga highschool classmates ko. Ang sabi ni DIANNA ay inoperahan niya si Presidente Bush, Jr., tagumapay ang operasyon, si EDRIANNE naman ay nagtamo ng noble prize para sa kanyang librong best seller, si RHEGINE  naman ay may coffee shop sa taas ng Eiffel Tower. Lahat sila ay nangangamusta. Pagkatapos ay nagbasa naman ako ng dyaryo. Nakita ko ang kolum ni IVY sa Philippine Star, napakagaling niyang magsulat at maglathala ng mga pangyayari dito. At nagising ako, isa lamang pala itong napakagandang panaginip.

Ang kwento sa taas ay isinulat halos anim na taon na ang nakakalipas. Ang mga pangalan ay sadyang naka-capital upang bigyang diin ang bawat karakter sa istorya. Ang gramatika at syntax ay pinreserba para sa awtentisidad ng sulat.

Paper or Plastic?

Thoughts for thought

There have been numerous events or disasters wherein plastic was the main “culprit”. The most notable would be when Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines last September 26, 2009. Many properties, lives, and businesses were left in ruins and worse, lost. After the heavy flooding subsided, a large amount of plastic garbage was found clogging the sewers, floating on the rivers, and are literally everywhere. The problem became obvious to the masses that the reason for the excessive flooding is because of the extreme use of plastics. The government immediately turned its attention to the possibility of finding a substitute for plastics as means of secondary packaging in the market place.

Remember that day when Manila was submerged? That day when everyone was crying out for help?

Now, many municipalities are complying with the government’s imposition of the plastic ban and are now using paper bags for packing grocery supplies, purchased goods and whatnot. This is called House Bill 4840, to be known as the Plastic Bag Regulation Act of 2011.

But does using paper as a mean for secondary packaging really solves the problem? Is using paper a wise economic decision with respect to the producers that are required to provide it for bagging the products their consumers purchased?

We will try to analyze which is better, for both consumer and producer, for the environment, and for the sake of economics.


Polyethylene bags can house many items. You can also use plastic bags to put clothes, food, light equipments and others and you can take it anywhere carrying it. You can also put wet goods in it without it breaking. But with paper bags, you could only put so much so as not to break it. You can bring multiple plastic bags at the same time because it has holes to put your hands into. Unlike paper bags, you can only hold one or two and each bag can hold less items than one plastic bag can. Furthermore, supermarkets nowadays use another paper bag as a secondary layer to support the weight of the items inside. This would incur additional expenses to the side of the market owners and consequently, additional profit to the producers of paper bags. Paper also requires 5 times trucking capacity compared to plastic due to the bulkiness of paper bags.

There is also the issue of space with respect to landfills. Paper takes more space in landfills than plastics.

That’s one smoky mountain


Producing paper is more costly than producing plastic.

Plastic is made up of oil. The oils used for production is only a byproduct of oil refining. Waste products from oil refining were utilized to produce another product. Economically speaking, it is a wise utilization of spoilage from production. Furthermore, the entire plastic making process only involves the use of electricity. Therefore, producing plastic is cheap.

All squared up

Paper is made up of wood, pulpwood to be exact. Trees are cut down, transported by large trucks and fed into machines that both use fossil fuel. The next step would be cooking it with tremendous heat and pressure, and then digested by using limestone and sulfurous acid for eight hours. The steam and moisture is then vented out to the atmosphere and the wood becomes pulp. This process only makes the pulp and not the paper per se. The pulp is then washed and bleached, both of these stages needs thousands of gallons of clean water. Coloring is then added to more water, and is then combined in a ratio of 1 part pulp to 400 parts water to finally make paper. The pulp-water mixture is dumped into a web of bronze wires. The water showers through, leaving the pulp, and then rolled into finished paper.

With the process described above, we can already see that producing paper is no simple process and requires a lot of resources.

  • Millions of trees are cut down, which requires the use of machineries that also has maintenance costs
  • Deliveries to the mill with the use of big trucks use fossil fuels
  • Machineries are used to cut the trees into manageable portions
  • Chemical agents are added to the mixture just to make the pulp
  • Thousands of gallons of clean water are used
  • Coloring agents are used

With all the resources used above, it is obvious that producing paper is way more costly than producing plastic. The expenses on machineries, chemicals, water, and electricity should all be taken into account as to how much paper would cost.

In short:

  • It takes almost four times as much energy to produce paper than plastic or polyethylene bag
  • Producing plastic uses twenty times as much clean water than plastic
  • Millions of trees have to be cut down just to produce paper and to be used for grocery items, which is usually thrown away and not recycled or reused.

Did I say millions?


Majority of people view plastic as non-environment friendly material. The masses are becoming environment-conscious and anything biodegradable is good for the Earth. These include the use of paper as means of secondary packaging. People think that if they reduce plastic use and switch to paper, they are somehow saving the environment. It is amazing how disasters can change a person’s perception towards pressing matters. But what the consumer does not know is that paper is as bad as plastic bags to the environment. And paper may be even worse.

Yes, you read it right, paper is as bad as plastics, or even worse.

Here are some comparisons:

  • Production of paper requires the cutting of millions of trees. These millions of trees, if not cut, can convert Carbon Dioxide and prevent flooding. Plastics, if not disposed properly, can kill marine life, cause flooding, and overcrowded landfills
  • Paper bags cause 70% more air and 50 times more water pollutants than plastic bags
  • The final product, which is paper, requires the use of big tractors, use of machineries, and harmful chemicals that emit greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Plastics on the other hand, require crude oil and natural gas. Plastic bags only uses electricity
  • Paper bags require 4 times as much energy to make compared to that of a plastic bag
  • Paper bags use thousands of gallons of clean water


Both paper and plastic can be recycled so it can be of further use after its primary form has fulfilled its purpose. But further analysis reveals that recycling might not be the best idea for paper and plastic also has recycling disadvantage.

  • Recycling paper requires the usage of water and chemicals again which defeats the purpose of recycling and makes recycled papers more expensive than virgin paper.
  • It would take 91% less energy to recycle a pound of plastic than it would take to recycle a pound of paper. This means we are better off recycling plastics than paper energy-wise.
  • Plastic is easy to recycle and does not cost so much; re-melting and recasting to the desired form is the only process involved. Two thirds of the energy used in producing virgin plastic is only used in manufacturing new plastic from recycled ones. The only drawback is, the recycled plastic is weaker due to weaker bonds between molecules. Thus, producing lower-quality product.
  • Biodegradable plastics are a misnomer. Some of these plastics do not really degrade or decompose. They are recycled plastic mixed with cornstarch. The cornstarch biodegrades and breaks the plastic into little pieces.


Even though plastic wins by a landslide against paper, believe it or not, neither is the best option. The making and recycling of paper use a lot of energy, fossil fuel, chemicals, and most important of all, millions of trees each year. Making paper bags incur a wide range of costs; these costs are not only of monetary and energy value but environmental as well. While with plastic, monetary costs are considerably low. Since plastics are just the byproduct of oil refining, its production reduces wastage and generates profits from the supposedly to-be-disposed-of substance. But being cheap and expendable also have its drawbacks. Plastics in landfills are an age old problem; they decompose in an extremely very low rate. This situation creates space problems for landfills; tons of plastic wastes are dumped everyday and they are not going anywhere. Furthermore, improper disposal of plastic threatens marine life and man as well. Plastic that ends up in the ocean kills 1.5 million marine animals each year.

Poor turtle, he’s on a plastic diet

Also, plastics that clog major waterways produce massive flooding that could destroy anything in its path. In a country like ours where we experience many typhoons in a year, flooding is not new to us and is always in the news when a storm is present. Improper disposal of plastics and garbage multiply the level of flood and the damage as well.

The best option is to use reusable bags made out of natural fiber or canvas bags. In some municipalities, the local government encourages consumers to bring their own bag on scheduled days.

You can go with this, or you can go with that

One reusable bag can be used multiple times and could last for 2 to 3 years. Reusable bags are also 14 times better than plastic and 39 times better than paper bags provided that it is used 500 times within its life cycle. The global impact of using reusable bags will be significant; resources will be allocated to satisfy other needs and wants and at the same time the environment’s burden will be lessen.


Justice for Given Grace Cebanico

Thoughts for thought

Right now, as I am writing this, I am getting goosebumps. A UPLB student was raped and murdered. And her body was found near IRRI (International Rice Research Institute) tuesday morning this week.

Given Grace Cebanico was a third year computer science student at the University of The Philippines Los Baños. She was also a DOST scholar. She was staying at the 5th of September Mansion, a dormitory on Diamond Street in Umali Subdivision, a residential area near UPLB.

She went to a group meeting on monday and never came home. 7 am of October 11, her body was found near IRRI, inside the area of IPB(Institute of Plant Breeding) to be exact.Goosebumps again…The police are looking into the angle of robbery. Because her laptop was missing. To worsen the crime, the possibility of rape is highly probable because her underwear and bra strap is missing.

I really felt compelled blogging this unfortunate news. Maybe because I want to heighten the awareness of my friends with their surroundings. We do not know when a crime will happen and to whom. So friends, be careful ha. Especially those who always go home at night. Maging listo kayo. Always mag-iingat kase mahal ko kayo.

But there is good news: the police have caught one of the suspects on the killing of Grace. Percival de Guzman alias “Totoy”, a 38-year-old tricycle driver from Barangay Batong Malaki in Los Baños, is now in custody. The police said that de Guzman’s tricycle was the vehicle used in kidnapping Cebanico while walking home. They say she might have been forced in riding the said vehicle.

Another suspect at large is Lester Ivan Lopez Rivera, a bank security guard from Bay, Laguna. If my hunch is correct, Rivera’s standard issue gun was the weapon used in ending Cebanico’s life.

Another life, another future, destroyed because of greed and lust.

To Given Grace Cebanico’s family and friends, condolences I give you. Justice must be served!

Globe’s Dirty Tactic

Thoughts for thought

Do you have a hard time registering to globe’s Unlimited Call and Text promos? I know I do! And it’s pissing me off already!

I have been a Globe user ever since cellular phone was introduced to my life. And I have seen tremendous changes in their company, in a customer-related way. And now, their services indeed has improved. But they may be employing an underhanded strategy in raising their sales.

If you are in Metro Manila, it is relatively easier to register in SUPERUNLI(unlimited call and text to globe and TM) and COMBO20(unlimited text+50 mins calls)  than when you live in the province, e.g. Laguna. It’s such a pain!

Now, Globe has has this new offering called mySuperPlan, a post-paid plan, wherein you can choose the content of your plan. Their offer is very enticing; they are offering very beautiful hand sets for FREE(it’s not reallly free you know, you’re also paying for it).

Have you ever wondered why there is now a limit in the number of registering users in this promos? I think I do. Pain in registering in unlicall and text offers is only for prepaid users, what if you’re a post-paid user which has an unlimited call and text plan? No hassle then!

That is it! For you to convert from a prepaid user to a post-paid user. For a businessman like me, calling and texting is very vital. Magastos sa load if you will not subscribe in call and text offers when using your cellular phone very,very often. So to avoid this very INCONVENIENT experience, you would rather want to have an unlimited call and text.

Just imagine how this would affect their sales. There are more than 80 million cellphone users here in the Philippines. And Globe is one of the 3 biggest, well, only the 3 telco’s when it comes in cellular phones. You do the math.

I have no option but to yield to them. Another sales made by them!

All hail o great Globe!

Disclaimer: The article above is only an opinion and is purely based on theories and speculations.



Thoughts for thought

Life they say is short, so just like money, spend it wisely – Alzek

A deceased relative is something of the norm for the people; we all have been through it. And recently, I experienced it once again.

Wednesday evening, my aunt called over the cellphone in a crying voice. My grandmother’s condition is getting real worse. Who wouldn’t be worried?! We rushed to get to Pasig where most of my relatives on my mother’s side live and so is my mother’s mother, my grandmother of course.

There she lays in her deathbed, her eyes closed, troubled breathing as if she was chasing it. Most of my relatives are in tears by the sight of our nanay Crising, we were all helpless. She has hearing problems to make our parting messages to her harder to convey. Nonetheless, we gave it to her.

Whatever we do, she didn’t open her eyes, we just want her to see us all for the very last time. We each told her our messages to her. But my sister was not with us at the time. So we had her  on loudspeaker over the phone. A miracle happened! She opened her eyes upon hearing my sister’s voice! The room became very emotional.

My mother asked my sister to come to Pasig so she can see her alive for the very last time, so she did. It was as if she was trying to say something, but was unable to because her motor skills have been failing already. For me, I think she wants to tell us her last words but was unable to that is why she kept trying until her last breath.

How I wish God would take back already the life He loaned to our beloved grandmother; such greater pain it is to see her suffer before her life ends.

My sister and I went home 4 in the morning. On the way home, my mother called us, she is gone. She is gone. She is gone.

In the evening we went there again for the wake. As I lean on the coffin, I saw a smile on her wrinkled face. Well at least she’s happy.

The three-day funeral wake was very fulfilling to the stomach thanks to mommy and all who helped prepare the food. Medyo nasira diet ko.

We attended her last mass and burial. As she is being carried out of the house, my cousins and aunts started crying.

The weather was hot and humid when we walked going to the church. I was sweating, but I did not care.

After the mass, we went straight to the cemetery. This is the most emotional part of every funeral, the burial. I was very much relieved that my tita Nelia, my aunt who’s been always been with my grandmother, was not very emotional anymore. May sakit sya so getting very emotional might trigger her illness. I love you ninang!

With all of these crying and weeping, I am not a part of. I know my relatives have seen it. Not crying doesn’t mean I don’t care. Not crying means staying strong(sounds machismo, I know) .Sadness can be expressed in other ways other than crying; it can be in the form of songs, poems, and even writing(like what I’m doing).I have already accepted what God has in store for her.Acceptance makes the grief more bearable.

I love my grandmother  VERY MUCH. We will miss you Nanay Crising!

Cresencia B. Villarin

Nov. 24, 1931- June 9,2011

And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

– Abraham Lincoln

Let It Go

Thoughts for thought

The year 2010 is about to retire. Twas a great year filled with laughter, pressure, triumphs, and turmoil. I must say this year I do not regret. I went to a lot of places, met new people, learned new things,and tried different stuff. Just like Francis Kong said, “Learn, learn, learn”. And the learning never stops. Next year should be no different when it comes to learning; trying new and exciting things, discovering and living unbounded by social stigma(wew, nosebleed).

I just feel like writing with no apparent reason. LOL.

I thank my relatives,professors(especially RJ), highschool friends, college buddies, cosplaying friends, and new found acquaintances for the year you have given to me. Of course I haven’t forgotten God for without Him all of this would be of naught.



Ang Bayan Ni Pepe Sa Gabi

Thoughts for thought

Calamba was one of Jose Rizal’s childhood place of upbringing. He and his family lived there for quite some time. There he spent his childhood years and fond memories were made.

The local government of Calamba takes pride of the fact that Jose Rizal resided in Calamba; they believe they produced one of the greatest men in Philippine history. I believe they also dub themselves as the City of Pride, can’t see it though. Well partly yes, all thanks to SM Development Corporation!

But as the smoky and noisy roads become silent, this “City of Pride” puts on a different face, a face our national hero would be disgusted to look at, a face recognized worldwide and dates back thousands of years. This profession that has been inseparable with man and society: prostitution. Yes, the oldest profession in the book is pretty much alive in the city. You might be wondering why I know of such thing. I know this because I sometimes go home late when I have an exam, and that long wait in the jeepney makes you observe the few lively people on the streets chasing cars as if they have caught a very fresh fish and they want you to buy it. And if the windows go down, the “fish dealer” points somewhere, and the car followed that direction, then a sexy woman dressed in red(or in any enticing color and attire ) mysteriously appear, all there is to it is the price negotiations.

Indeed Calamba is famous historically, but what we don’t know is it’s also secretly famous to the parokyanos
. I do not see any efforts from the local government in busting out this midnight business. They might reason out they did not know such acts were being done when all are asleep. But I do believe that it is the government’s job to watch over their territory and people 24/7. It might be even worse if these midnight workers have protection from the officials of the government in that said territory.

Rizal might scowl upon such sights of disgrace and lasciviousness for he knew how to value a woman, treating her as an object of admiration rather an object of desire or maybe even lust. The city has sunk to the depths of the poverty and immorality. If those women have better jobs, or lives, they would not resort to the easiest but self-tainting line of work. If only more opportunities were offered to them they would not have to sell their bodies for money.

But in the end, they themselves are the one to blame for being in that kind of situation. The government can’t give everything the mass wants. That would be spoon-feeding. The masses must also do their part; being productive by finding ways to make a living with a clean conscience and morality. With the 15th Congress opened, many are hoping for a change that will change the lives of the Filipino people. Many look at Ninoy as the person that will change it all for the better, I do hope so. It would be great if he gives his fellowmen the opportunity to uplift themselves from the poverty that forces them to do acts against the will and against the values.


Lonely, anyone?

Thoughts for thought

Ok so I went to my friend’s apartment because we need to finish our our take home quiz and sample problems. Then I saw a picture of a very beautiful lady(the picture was framed, and it has a kiss mark too. As far as I can recall the lipstick was pinkish or of the same shade). And there written the three words lovers whisper in each other’s ears when caught in “the moment”. Of course we all know who could she be in his life.

I didn’t ask who she was to him for it’s like asking a question when you already know the answer. Anyways, this made me think. Or maybe even made me envy. Maybe what I mean is I’m in no position to commit until further notice but fighting the urge has been manageable up to now, I hope it still is. Maybe the title is wrong, or so it isn’t.