The Heat is On!

Get Out Of The House!

Last Wednesday of the first week of April, my family and I went to the beach. We went to our favorite beach resort in Lian, Batangas (2 hour drive from Manila). It was really planned to go there after the Lenten season to avoid traffic and too much people(it would be hard to get a cottage in a resort if it’s peak season).

IMG_7780(1) - Copy

Being in the sun for too long will burn your skin and can give you skin cancer. I learned the former the hard way. Every time we went to the beach, my skin would become so red and painful. What is it? Sunburn! What’s even worse is my face would darken! I look baluga na!

So this time around, I have wisen up. I used a sunblock!

Put on that sunblock lotion!

Put on that sunblock lotion!

I used the Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock. It will give you protection against UVA and UVB rays given off by the sun at the same time acts as a moisturizer.

This sunblock’s UVA rating is 4 stars (5 being the highest). What does that mean? It means this product will protect you from signs of aging caused by the sun at a very high level!

How about UVB? Well UVB rays are not present year round unlike UVA. UVB is present during summer times, just like now. UVB rays are the culprit for sunburns and skin cancer.  This sunblock has an SPF(Sun Protection Factor) of 130. One thing to remember is that the SPF rating system can only be applied to UVB and not UVA. SPF130 is already very high. The higher the SPF, the longer you can stay under the sun and the less likely to acquire skin problems caused by the sun, such as the most common, sunburn.

What’s more is that it is water resistant and PABA( Para-Aminobenzoic Acid), a chemical that causes allergic reactions.

So, thirty minutes before I hit the waters to go skim boarding, I applied it to my skin, including my face. So what happened after my prolonged exposure to the sun? Nothing! Why nothing? Because I did not get any sunburn! That is the ultimate purpose of a sunblock, preventing any skin alterations caused by the sun. I am so happy that I did not get any sunburn or whatsoever even though I was exposed when the sun is at its strongest (10 AM to 4 PM).

Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock gave me a worry-free, fun filled, time under the sun!


Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Ride

Get Out Of The House!

Are you always stressed from all that hustle and bustle from the city life? When was the last time you had your R&R? Do you want to freshen up and be reborn? Hmmm? Maybe you need some time out, take one step back, and return to nature.

Banayad na Araw

If you’re looking for a different experience, an outdoor experience, you should definitely go to Anawangin Cove in Zambales. It is a boat ride from the shores of Pundakit, Zambales. The sand is white, the water is clear, the ambience is so laid back.

If you like the outdoors and you like to camp out near the shore, you should definitely go here. I’m an adventure lover and I would say that I really had a great time staying there!

What I like the most in Anawangin is its atmosphere; it is sooo light and laid back. It’s like if  you are there, all your problems will not be able to follow you there. Even if your problems try to contact you, you will be out of coverage area(literally and figuratively. Walang signal dun). Ang sarap sarap sarap talaga. Pramis!

Did I mention it's so laid back there?

Plus, the people that take care of the place are very accommodating; they let us cook inside their house and tend to us when we ask for assistance.

The place is just a gift from nature! You have to see it for yourself to revel on its beauty.

Turn back to nature

But wait! There’s more! There are still untold features about this place. Going deeper into the cove, you’ll discover another hidden paradise.

Go deeper

If you walk along the shallow, watery trail, you will end up here.


We also went to Capones Island and the abandoned light house.

Waves crashing at your feet

And oh, the background of my blog site is also a shot taken from Capones a few years back. Haha, just to let you know.

The weather is a blessing

The trip will not be complete if you do not go to the derelict light house. Aside from the hiking included going to the top, there is still the flight of stairs going to the top of the light house. Mag eksersays tayo tuwing umaga!

Look above, look below

Sorry Rina, wala ka sa pic. Peace! =)

One thing for this kind of trip, if you’re not getting sunburn, you’re not having fun!

Credits to:

Ivan Creayla

Maxine Flavier


Last Days of Summer

Get Out Of The House!

This summer break sure was a helluva break! And this last excursion sure was a blast! Even though some backed out a day before, even though some were unable to go the night before, it was okay, natuloy naman eh.

We went to Lian, Batangas to have our “reunion”, 8 person reunion. But it could’ve been better if there were more of us there.

Good thing we left San Lo early, and arrived 2 hours or so at the resort. That gave us time to swim a bit, and time to get injured. Haha. Ang daming injured eh.LOL. But no worries, only minor cuts. Lalabas ang tren jan BA!

BA nakapaghanda sa shot!

Did ya wish you were here?

Rye ang taong buhangin!

Did ya wish you were really here?

Since ayaw nyo lumabas ng kwarto naglagalag kami ni ivy at the shore. We tried to go the far end of the beach.

Ayaw talaga lumabas

There’s a live band there. Ang bongga nung resort! We thought of crossing the cement wall. Unfortunately, we saw two guards in the dark. (Maybe they were waiting for us to cross the perimeter so they can apprehend us.Haha). But it’s ok. We got this nice shot on the way.

Thanks ivy for helping with this shot

When we got back I told them to get out and have a drink! Magdadrama pa ako eh.

We played a card game and clearly Charlene is losing.

Basag agad si berdey girl! Allan ang asim ng muka mo

Haberdey Cha!

And here I am not knowing what is going on around me, sa kunyari lang.

Hilo na

Pero macho pa rin!

Sinabi nang walang tulugan eh!

Uy Rye salamat ha sinamahan mo pala ako matulog sa labas.

Reminds me of Splash

Since ang lakas ng hangover ko, eto ko, natutulog….

Sarap matulog sa dalampasigan

Habang sila nagsasaya

Eto ako, tulog pa rin….

Baket Pom at Rye?Watcha luking at?

Habang patuloy sila sa pagsasaya…

Eto patuloy pa rin sa pagtulog…

Tapos may tumabi pa sa aking aso without me realizing it.

Pareng aso malakas din ba tama mo kanina?

Si kuya da all around guy! Di na ako nakapag-ihaw kase wala pa kong energy. Salamat Kuya Avin!

After going to Batangas we’re off to Silang! A little stop over in our rest house.

Ang bida dyan ung puno ng kalamansi

Allan Bray "Manunumbok" Cecilio

Oy BA ayaw mo pa umuwi dapat pala iniwan ka na namin! XD

Sayaw lenlen, sayaw lenlen

I forgot to say may kasama kaming artista.

Haberdey artista!

This outing was truly exhausting but fun! I would like to thank Ivy, BA,and Floelyn for the photos,to those who took care of me when I got shut-eyed already,to my cousin driver/cook/photographer Kuya Alvin, Pom’s mother for the adobo and fried.(Len pagamit ng title ng album mo ha). Oy Allan pagalingin mo yang allergy mo para mapalabas natin ulit! haha.


Sino yung umutot? -Kuya Alvin

It Falls If It Falls

Get Out Of The House!

This summer vacation has been great! But it’s not over yet!

Last month I went to Majayjay at the famous Taytay Falls or more commonly known as the Majayjay Falls. And recently I went to Kalayaan, Laguna for the so called Lagumbay Twin Falls. I would like to share my experience regarding the two excursions and compare and to contrast the two.

I will start with the trip to Kalayaan since it’s just recently so I can still recall what happened.

It is quite a long journey from Sta. Rosa to Kalayaan but it was worth it. Just look at this!

Don't mind the people. Saturday kase eh.

The pool is 9 feet deep! So those who don’t know how to swim better get a salbabida or stay at near the edge of the pool. Kase may tapakan dun eh. It is dubbed as the Lagumbay Twin Falls because two falls run through the pool,well of course from the mountain.

The small one. Pero mataas yan. About 15 feet or so

The second one. The big one.Wala ako shot looking at the top eh.eto na lang.haha

Actually these are not the only falls you’ll see there. When you climb here,

Go up the steps

and walk a bit, you’ll see these products of nature.

It sure indeed was fun!

Now moving on….Next stop, Majayjay!

This trip is far, and I mean far from near compared to Kalayaan. But the trip was nothing when you see the beauty of the cold,clear, and fresh water the falls bring! We decided to eat lunch sa bayan ng Majayjay in a karinderya called Titanic(my heart goes on). We tried an exotic food only with a brave stomach can handle. Not only it looks hideous when cooked but maybe the fangs will scare you.haha.

Chenen! Kabag ang tawag dyan.Kabag hindi ka-bag

Of course its a batman!

And oh we went to the old church of Majayjay

Yung jeep going to the place where the falls is ay punuan, so we have to wait for the jeepney to go puno.
Before you can get to the falls you have to go down the steep steps, walk for about 10 minutes, climb down another set of steps, and lastly, in our case, cross the stream(mababaw lang naman). Nagrenta kami ng two tents kay Manong Kats(ang tagal nung kahoy namin manong!).

The water is so clear! Look at this!

Teng thousand leagues under the sea. XD

Here’s the Taytay Falls.


There’s also a hanging bridge there.

We camped there for the night. Oh man, it’s so cold there you might wanna bring a jacket cos it’s so cold at night there. Even though the tent was too small and there were big rocks on our backs it’s ok. Experience din un noh.

Parang binagyo yung tent

O man. It was such an awesome time!

Now for my critiques:

Comparing the two in terms of:
1. Travel time:
I must say na mas malayo ang Majayjay kaysa Kalayaan. But it’s ok even if it’s farther, sulit naman talaga ang trip mo!

2. Accessibility:
The twin falls is much accessible than Taytay falls. Sa Lagumbay twin falls the road leading to it ay on the main road lang. But for Taytay falls you need to go to the bayan at sumakay pa ng isang jeep to go there.Punuan pa.Pero ang masaya dun you can ride at the top load, kung meron.Kami nakasakay, mga 10 meter ride lang.haha

3. Closeness to nature:
I prefer Majayjay if you want to feel to be closer to nature. Kase sa Kalayaan ung binabagsakan ng tubig ginawang pool. Sa Majayjay ganun din but it is more virgin pa rin kesa sa Lagumbay twin falls. Sa Majayjay pwede magcamping, o diba closer to nature. Sa Kalayaan hanggang 5 pm lang. Pero pwede ding mag overnight, may dagdag bayad nga lang unlike sa Majayjay you’ll only pay the entrace fee.

and most of all, the clarity of water. I do not need to say more, just look at this photo.

On the left: Lagumbay waters. On the right: Taytay waters

But of course all of this are just my opinons. If you want to experience it it yourself, pack your bags and food , invite your friends and head out to the great outdoors!

Special thanks to: Jeffrey Azarias, Maxine Flavier, Tita Gina Guerrero. Thank you for the photos.