2011: Year of Enlightenment and Blessings


I have so much to thank for this year of 2011! It’s not yet New Year’s eve but here I am almost summing up what God have given me this year.

2011 is the year I had a change of heart (academically)

2011 is the year I learned my true calling

2011 is the year I dared to love again

2011 is the year my business really started to prosper

2011 is the year I celebrated my birthday once more(Di ako nagcelebrate last year,a little sacrifice)

The party was awesome! I thank the people who came even if they live far from here.JC don’t forget ha; Manila Auto Salon- we’re gonna attend that! Sir Glenn, thanks so much! Lalo na dun sa libro na bigay nyo; I was more surprised when I saw na may dedication from Chinkee Tan!

Twas a very happy evening! To CC thank you for coming!Lalo ka na Gwen “Boy Tigdas” Guerrero kase nag-effort kang pumunta kahit malayo.LOL.Too bad Olive and Karen wasn’t able to come. Thanks Olive sa regalo mong ihaw-ihaw.hehe.

To my highschool friends that I missed so much, parang reunion nangyare noh? Biruin nyo si Jelo at Jay pumunta? haha. You guys never fail to make a racket when we’re together. XD

Angel, Arra, and Ninay, salamat sa chocovron.haha.sarap!ubos na! The song was just angelic! It is super appreciated thank you! I was smiling the whole time Arra was singing it, pansin nyo?hehe.Seriously.

And to all people who greeted me sa text and facebook, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

HMMM…feeling ko may part 2…..


Sugod Mga Kapatid!


I found an old piece of yellow paper in my files when I was decluttering last month. It’s a song I made for my Philippine History class when I was a fresh man. Playing it with the guitar is aweeesuuum!

Title: Sugod

In the tune of: Voltes V opening song

Bm                               Em

Ang Pilipinas ay under nila Joe

F#7                                Bm

Noong mil nuebe ciento kwarenta’y dos

Em                           Bm

Pero dumating mga Hapon ayan na

F#7                              Bm

Sunod-sunod na ang mga aberya


A7                                  D

Ang Pilipinas binomba kung saan-saan

C#7                            F#m

Walang sinamba pati isang simbahan

G                    F#7

Ang giyera ay umpisahan!



Sugod na mga Pinoy

Em                     Bm

Kasama nyo ang kano

Em                        Bm

Ipagtanggol ang  bayang ito

C#7            F#7

Kahit pa sa inyo

Bm                  Em

May sakit man o gutom pa

F#7           Bm

Tuloy ang bakbakan!

2nd stanza

Ang Hapon inatake ang Corregido

Wa epek sila kahit mang backdoor

Marami silang bateryang may karga

Ang hapong lumapit patay kang bata ka


Ang hapon kinutoff ang kanilang tubig

(some text missing)

Ubos na ang gamot pati ang kanin

Ang tiyan puro hangin


Ituloy ang laban

Kahit sa kamatayan

kaya lang hindi na keri

Susuko na lang

Ayan tuloy


Reresbak na lang!

Teren ten teren, teren ten teren

Ten ten ten, ten ten ten!

Let’s pay tribute to the people who fought at the Battle of Corregidor!


Something’s Missing


Recently, I have been missing a lot of things. Things that are not tangible but memorable. Not only memories but also people who have been a part of my life.

I miss: Car shows

Straight through the heart!

I miss: Cosplaying

First group cosplay. Very memorable. Diba CC?!

I miss: Majayjay.Haay.

Kelan kaya mauulit ganitong outing?hmmmm

Delata.Uber Fresh Water.Malamig.

I miss: Batangas.

Lakas tama yan tuloy tulog buong umaga

I miss: Splash

Pagod na? Swimming pa!

I miss: Parolan sa Dili.

Makailang beses din tayong pumunta dun. Oi Allan wag kokontra! Gusto ko parolan eh.

Thumbs up if you know Ramon Bautista!

I miss: My Highschool friends

Malapit na birthday ko.Baka next year ko na kayo imbitahin.Post bday celeb ba.

I miss: BoBoS

Kulang tayo dito.Di na tayo nabuo-buo. Dapat mag grand reunion ang BoBoS

And most importantly:


yun yun eh!