Justice for Given Grace Cebanico

Thoughts for thought

Right now, as I am writing this, I am getting goosebumps. A UPLB student was raped and murdered. And her body was found near IRRI (International Rice Research Institute) tuesday morning this week.

Given Grace Cebanico was a third year computer science student at the University of The Philippines Los Baños. She was also a DOST scholar. She was staying at the 5th of September Mansion, a dormitory on Diamond Street in Umali Subdivision, a residential area near UPLB.

She went to a group meeting on monday and never came home. 7 am of October 11, her body was found near IRRI, inside the area of IPB(Institute of Plant Breeding) to be exact.Goosebumps again…The police are looking into the angle of robbery. Because her laptop was missing. To worsen the crime, the possibility of rape is highly probable because her underwear and bra strap is missing.

I really felt compelled blogging this unfortunate news. Maybe because I want to heighten the awareness of my friends with their surroundings. We do not know when a crime will happen and to whom. So friends, be careful ha. Especially those who always go home at night. Maging listo kayo. Always mag-iingat kase mahal ko kayo.

But there is good news: the police have caught one of the suspects on the killing of Grace. Percival de Guzman alias “Totoy”, a 38-year-old tricycle driver from Barangay Batong Malaki in Los Baños, is now in custody. The police said that de Guzman’s tricycle was the vehicle used in kidnapping Cebanico while walking home. They say she might have been forced in riding the said vehicle.

Another suspect at large is Lester Ivan Lopez Rivera, a bank security guard from Bay, Laguna. If my hunch is correct, Rivera’s standard issue gun was the weapon used in ending Cebanico’s life.

Another life, another future, destroyed because of greed and lust.

To Given Grace Cebanico’s family and friends, condolences I give you. Justice must be served!