Globe’s Dirty Tactic

Do you have a hard time registering to globe’s Unlimited Call and Text promos? I know I do! And it’s pissing me off already!

I have been a Globe user ever since cellular phone was introduced to my life. And I have seen tremendous changes in their company, in a customer-related way. And now, their services indeed has improved. But they may be employing an underhanded strategy in raising their sales.

If you are in Metro Manila, it is relatively easier to register in SUPERUNLI(unlimited call and text to globe and TM) and COMBO20(unlimited text+50 mins calls)  than when you live in the province, e.g. Laguna. It’s such a pain!

Now, Globe has has this new offering called mySuperPlan, a post-paid plan, wherein you can choose the content of your plan. Their offer is very enticing; they are offering very beautiful hand sets for FREE(it’s not reallly free you know, you’re also paying for it).

Have you ever wondered why there is now a limit in the number of registering users in this promos? I think I do. Pain in registering in unlicall and text offers is only for prepaid users, what if you’re a post-paid user which has an unlimited call and text plan? No hassle then!

That is it! For you to convert from a prepaid user to a post-paid user. For a businessman like me, calling and texting is very vital. Magastos sa load if you will not subscribe in call and text offers when using your cellular phone very,very often. So to avoid this very INCONVENIENT experience, you would rather want to have an unlimited call and text.

Just imagine how this would affect their sales. There are more than 80 million cellphone users here in the Philippines. And Globe is one of the 3 biggest, well, only the 3 telco’s when it comes in cellular phones. You do the math.

I have no option but to yield to them. Another sales made by them!

All hail o great Globe!

Disclaimer: The article above is only an opinion and is purely based on theories and speculations.



About alzek114

I am a successful businessman in the making. I love travelling and i love physical sports. I like living the way I want to be regardless of judgement and criticism. I do not like people na plastik, they are pollution in the society.
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