Last Days of Summer

Get Out Of The House!

This summer break sure was a helluva break! And this last excursion sure was a blast! Even though some backed out a day before, even though some were unable to go the night before, it was okay, natuloy naman eh.

We went to Lian, Batangas to have our “reunion”, 8 person reunion. But it could’ve been better if there were more of us there.

Good thing we left San Lo early, and arrived 2 hours or so at the resort. That gave us time to swim a bit, and time to get injured. Haha. Ang daming injured eh.LOL. But no worries, only minor cuts. Lalabas ang tren jan BA!

BA nakapaghanda sa shot!

Did ya wish you were here?

Rye ang taong buhangin!

Did ya wish you were really here?

Since ayaw nyo lumabas ng kwarto naglagalag kami ni ivy at the shore. We tried to go the far end of the beach.

Ayaw talaga lumabas

There’s a live band there. Ang bongga nung resort! We thought of crossing the cement wall. Unfortunately, we saw two guards in the dark. (Maybe they were waiting for us to cross the perimeter so they can apprehend us.Haha). But it’s ok. We got this nice shot on the way.

Thanks ivy for helping with this shot

When we got back I told them to get out and have a drink! Magdadrama pa ako eh.

We played a card game and clearly Charlene is losing.

Basag agad si berdey girl! Allan ang asim ng muka mo

Haberdey Cha!

And here I am not knowing what is going on around me, sa kunyari lang.

Hilo na

Pero macho pa rin!

Sinabi nang walang tulugan eh!

Uy Rye salamat ha sinamahan mo pala ako matulog sa labas.

Reminds me of Splash

Since ang lakas ng hangover ko, eto ko, natutulog….

Sarap matulog sa dalampasigan

Habang sila nagsasaya

Eto ako, tulog pa rin….

Baket Pom at Rye?Watcha luking at?

Habang patuloy sila sa pagsasaya…

Eto patuloy pa rin sa pagtulog…

Tapos may tumabi pa sa aking aso without me realizing it.

Pareng aso malakas din ba tama mo kanina?

Si kuya da all around guy! Di na ako nakapag-ihaw kase wala pa kong energy. Salamat Kuya Avin!

After going to Batangas we’re off to Silang! A little stop over in our rest house.

Ang bida dyan ung puno ng kalamansi

Allan Bray "Manunumbok" Cecilio

Oy BA ayaw mo pa umuwi dapat pala iniwan ka na namin! XD

Sayaw lenlen, sayaw lenlen

I forgot to say may kasama kaming artista.

Haberdey artista!

This outing was truly exhausting but fun! I would like to thank Ivy, BA,and Floelyn for the photos,to those who took care of me when I got shut-eyed already,to my cousin driver/cook/photographer Kuya Alvin, Pom’s mother for the adobo and fried.(Len pagamit ng title ng album mo ha). Oy Allan pagalingin mo yang allergy mo para mapalabas natin ulit! haha.


Sino yung umutot? -Kuya Alvin


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