Bruce Lee: The Immortal Legend

Just a few minutes ago I watched a life story of Bruce Lee on Cinemax. This just filled me in with more stuff about Bruce.

I just can’t help but blog this thought of mine from watching what happened in his acting career. Even though I can’t say anything else because his name already says it all, I just feel compelled to blog about him.

TRIVIA: Did you know that Kareem Abdul-Jabar starred with Bruce Lee in the film Game of Death?

Now I feel nanghihinayang for Lee. He had so much ahead of him. To die before the debut of your international film that is a box office hit is a bummer. Pero sayang talaga siya. He could’ve done more; not only films but teaching people the philosophies in life.

TRIVIA: Jackie Chan appeared as a stuntman in the movie Enter The Dragon(which of course is the highest selling movie of 1973!)

But even if he is long dead, his legend continues. His philosophies and his way of the fist is still flourishing in this modernized world of today.

How did it feel? DO NOT THINK FEEEEEEL. It is like a finger pointing to the moon. Don’t look at the finger or you will miss all the heavenly glory -Bruce Lee


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I am a successful businessman in the making. I love travelling and i love physical sports. I like living the way I want to be regardless of judgement and criticism. I do not like people na plastik, they are pollution in the society.
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