Botong-boto ka na ba?


Yesterday I attended my cousin’s wedding. When I was at Pasig I got a hold of a sample ballot addressed to the house of my grandma. Here it is.

Tinakpan ko yung address and name for the sake of privacy

Since sobrang haba nung sample ballot hindi sya nagkasya sa scanner.

And at the back you will see the candidates for your local elections. In this case, Pasig City elections.

I hope this blog entry of mine help those people, specially the young voters like myself to prepare,think, and vote wisely.


Seven Words of Jesus On the Cross


It’s holy week. Time for reflection and excursions. I know some of you have matters to attend to. But stop for a while and re-examine your lives. Have a piece of the holy week and know something, just a bit about JC. Did you know what Jesus’ last few words on the cross? Here’s a link. If you like to read what it is go ahead. If you are not interested then it’s ok. Just don’t forget to remember Him.

Seven Words of Jesus On the Cross