Insomania 3: The Southern Combo

Cosplay All You Want

Yesterday I went to the event (hosted by UPLB SOMASOSHIKI) named Insomania 3: The Southern Combo.  I joined the cosplay competition again(I once joined the second Insomania) and the character I imitated was Kurosaki Ichigo of the anime Bleach. There were a lot of cosplayers at the event; one of them is my friend Andrew. He’s portraying Shuhei Hisagi, another character from Bleach. At first I thought I won’t be able to attend the event because I haven’t finished weaving the waraji(the footwear worn by the Shinigamis). Good thing I have a plan B and resorted to improvising my own waraji by using rubber slippers glued with natural fiber rope. I was way beyond the traveling time! And I’m still working on the improvised sandals! Thank goodness mom and my uncle were willing to accompany me there that is why they traveled from Pasig to our house. I’m sorry BOBOS if I wasn’t able to invite you. I was in panic mode at that time.  I asked Andrew to register me for the cosplay competition because the registration is about to close and I’m not there yet. Thank you Andrew!

There weren’t much booths there unlike last time. I must admit their program was dull(ang dry dry). But of course it didn’t bother me because I wasn’t listening nor watching who’s on stage, I was there for the cosplay. Speaking of the cosplay, the waiting was longer than the catwalk.

But it was okay, I met a new friend when waiting in line. Her name is Tin.

My left chest seems big because my mask was under the robe

I don’t know the character she’s playing though. She said it’s her first time having a go walking on a real catwalk and she’s quite nervous. I said just do what you character does, but she’s missing her butler! After her I was up on stage. I swung my Tensa a bit and performed the hollowification(where i put my mask). I turned my back and grabbed the mask under the robe and put it on and shouted like a hollow. Rawr! Unfortunately, my mother(who was also with me at the Inso), accidentally put the digicam on video mode. aw! so there was no photo of me on the catwalk this time.

Did I mention I saw the Lenne there?

Man! My hair became goldish orange! It’s supposed to be bright orange! Stupid color wax!

Of course after the catwalk comes the picture-picture mode! I got a chance to snap a pic with one of the judges.

She's from Singapore pa you know

I also learned that I wasn’t the only Ichigo there!

More pics with Tin.

And the winners are…..

3rd Placer at the left

2nd Placer: Predator

And last but not the least……..

1st Placer. She's a mini boss in Ragnarok. I dunno the name

Although I’m disappointed because I did not win, I did have fun! All of these are impossible if it were not for my relatives. I thank Kuya Alvin for helping me with the sword, my lola for my wardrobe, my uncle and mom for the transpo. See ya next year!


Backstreet Boys Live in Manila


Do you used to be or are you still a fan of the boy band that brought us ” I want it that way”,  “Larger than life”,  “Shape of my heart”, and more? Well then, be thrilled because they will be performing live in Manila! The Backstreet Boys is bringing back that Backstreet fever! The Backstreet Boys Live in Manila concert will be on February 27, Saturday, at the Araneta Coliseum.

Ticket Prices:

Patron VIP (Reserved Seating) 4760
Patron (Reserved Seating) 4280
Lower Box (Reserved Seating) 3810
Upper Box A (Reserved Seating) 2860
Upper Box B 960
Gen. Admission 480

First Race was a Disaster


Yesterday, my sister and I joined the Century Tuna Superbods run 2010 in Bonifacio Global City.  I woke up early, around three,  not to mention I only slept one and a half hour. And so i woke her up and we prepared the necessary things to be brought to the race. I was very excited about the event for I have been preparing for it ever since I learned of it. We left the house at around 4:30. I think we arrived at Fort Bonifacio at around 5 or so. The parking lots outside are already full, so we parked in an underground parking lot of an open mall.

We went to the starting line and waited. the 21k runners are the first to go. Then the 10k, i think the 5k runners started alongside the 3k (which was we’re in) because they were in front of us when we all started running. The digital clock zeroed in and the race is on! I did not speed up just like the res did. I only walked because it was still to crowded to run. But i did not run yet when there was now room. I only jogged until i reached 500m or so. Then after that I started speeding up. I did not feel the urge of slowing down, not yet. I reached the first water station and grabbed a cup of water, drank a bit and threw it(not at the other racers of course). Now I’m feeling the urge to slow down. Then so I did. The only time walked was when I got a side stitch, a pain in the lower abdomen. This really slowed me down. I can almost see the finish line. There it is, there it is. Only a few meters and I’m finished! I saw a woman in front of me and I tried really hard to get past her, haha, I was able to get past her! Whew! That was exhausting.

After a few minutes, there was already a big volume of runners coming out of the finish line. At the finish line, I saw Mark Nelson interviewing two runners. And then I saw Victor Basa, he was with a hottie. Man, they sure are big.  My sister and I agreed to meet at the parking lot after the race. After we met at the car we grabbed our drinks and camera and proceeded to the event area to get our loots. The line was long but it’s ok.

After getting the first loot, which is in a strap bag, we proceeded to the next tent for more loots. After getting the second loot where the unfortunate event happened. My sister asked for the camera(it’s a black Olympus mju 1050sw model). I looked at my hands, and it’s gone! I tried looking inside the bag but it’s nowhere to be found! I tried going back the path we walked just before I lost the camera but what can you expect with a place full of people. I’ts gone! We were now panicking! I’m so screwed! We went to the information booth to report what happened. There were also several people reporting they have lost their valuables. We should be feeling happy at the moment but it went down the drain. I asked the people in the booths we past by if they ever saw a black digital camera but there was  no hope. I frequently went to the information booth hoping the person who got it would return my sister’s camera. As the surroundings were all happy and in a festive mood, we were not.

My sister was now really mad at me, I understand that. How could I’ve been so stupid! I have went around the place many times, looking at the hands of the people I see, hoping they are holding the camera. We went beside the stage where Rovilson and another girl was now announcing the winners of the race. After that Derek Ramsay came out and so are the winners of the write-up contest(hoping to get a chance to win a 32 gig iTouch, and a picture with Derek. What?! Derek and Derek in one snapshot!). I noticed that all of the winners were all women. I did join the write-up contest too, so I felt that the contest was biased. Moving on, they announced the winners of the other 32 gig iTouch(my sister and I also joined the raffle contest), I was hoping of winning the raffle so I can give the prize to my sister, that way, I can somehow compensate for the lost digicam. I did not win any iTouch though. But there is still chance! There will be three winners of plasma TV’s. I was praying for me to win, but my prayers were not heard. And so all hope is lost. We went back to the car and drove home. I did not try to reason out anymore because I know it is my fault the camera got lost. I should have given her the camera.

And so, with all that has happened, I still thank her for agreeing to accompany me to the event. And if you are able to read this, I AM VERY SORRY for losing your digicam. I know my sorry won’t get it back, but if I didn’t say it, what kind of brother am I then? I seriously learned my lesson. If you will ever go to a crowded event like this, always secure your valuables, if you can’t then don’t bring them at all.